Offshore companies are usually called the companies that conduct an insubstantial or zero volume business within their jurisdiction of incorporation. The International Business Company (IBC) registry allows foreign investors to register offshore companies under any offshore authority, work over there as a division of Investment authority without the need to establish a physical presence in that country. An offshore company has a restriction to do business inside the country where it is formed. This is also work as a virtual company, you can open bank account and operate international business.

For offshore company, our Business Setup Consultants can assist you to ensure that you can get a Licence and open a bank account without any hassle also in shortest period of time

Advantages of offshore company:

Complete Privacy

Tax Planning and Optimisation

  • Holding Company
  • International Trading
  • Complete Ownership
  • Avoid Probate
  • Avoid bureaucracy
  • Enhance assets
  • Manage risk
  • Lower setup and maintenance costs
  • Online Banking Solution