business-meetingNested Management Consultants offers system maintenance services for all standards, as well as for non-certified organizations. It may be that you are just wanting to update your management system or perhaps your management system needs a little first aid! Whatever your maintenance requirements, we are ready to offer you a solution.

We offer a variety of systems maintenance packages to suit your individual circumstances. Whether you are looking for a single day’s consultancy to review your current management system, three or four days to update your management system ready for auditing, require a monthly visit or prefer to see our consultant just once a quarter, we can meet your needs. Why not contact us now to arrange the maintenance of your current Management Systems to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from them.

To explain it more we would like to share two cases of our clients…

Case -1

One of our larger clients has a Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001. They like to make sure that it is up to date, incorporating any business process changes and new legislation. They also like to ensure that the QMS is developed and improved on a regular basis. In addition, just before they are due to be audited, they like to make sure that everything is working as it should. They decided that they would like to see their Nested Management consultants twelve (12) times a quarter, but for cash flow reasons, they asked to pay us by monthly standing order. A simple calculation makes this possible. They like the flexibility that this gives them, and we are happy that we are able to provide support to suit our client’s requirements

Case – II

Another smaller client feels that its Food Safety Management System accredited to ISO 22000 only needs a MONTHLY review. They also use a Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001 that they wish to be supported at the same time. By fixing monthly review dates for ISO 14001 System and adding ISO 9001 for review twice a year, they feel reassured. Should something arise in relation to ISO 9001 in between the six monthly visits, they know that they can use one of the days already reserved for his ISO 22000 system, should they wish. A simple phone call to alert our consultants and all is arranged.