Introduction To Food Safety Certification in Sharjah:

Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) in Sharjah is an ISO-based certification scheme for auditing and certification of food safety systems of the organizations in the whole food supply chain. The scheme uses FSSC 22000 uses the existing standards ISO 22000, ISO 22003 and technical specifications for sector PRPs and applies to the organizations in the food chain which process or manufacture animal products, perishable vegetal products, products with a long shelf life and (other) food ingredients like additives, vitamins, and bio cultures and food packaging manufacturing. The food safety certification in Sharjah (FSSC 22000) scheme is fully recognized and accepted by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and by the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA).


How FSSC 22000 improve your business:

FSSC 22000 combines with remarkable effectiveness in three main characteristics:

  • A powerful management system framework, fully integrated with the company’s overall management system and consistent with other standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • A robust “Hazard Analysis and Risk Management” methodology based on HACCP principles and ability to improve food safety effectiveness and efficiency
  • The use of a detailed guideline, the ISO/TS 22002-1, concerning the pre-requisite programs, as requested by ISO 22000 and fitting the retailers need for the due diligence and related issues

Benefits of  Food Safety Certification in Sharjah (FSSC 22000 standard):

  • A preventative approach to food safety
  • Can help identify process improvements & reduced customer complaints
  • Reduces the need for, and the cost of end product testing
  • Enhances customer satisfaction / reduces dissatisfaction
  • Facilitates better understanding of food packaging safety issues throughout the organization
  • Improves staff performance through the promotion of team spirit & improves staff morale and motivation through a cleaner working environment
  • A clear, audit-able, global standard providing a framework to bring together all parts of your Food Safety System Certification (FSSC)
  • Demonstrates commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Tests compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and your own systems through internal audits and management reviews
  • Improves internal and external communications
  • Improves your organization’s image
  • Requires regular testing of data integrity/lot recall programs and process audits
  • Aligns with other management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001)