Integrated Management System UAE

Integrated Management System (IMS Service Provider in Dubai) – UAE

An integrated management system (IMS) combines all related components of a business into one system for easier management and operations. ISO 9001 Quality (QMS), ISO 14001 Environmental (EMS), and OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 Safety (OHSMS) management systems are often combined and managed as an IMS. Nested Management Consultants is the best Integrated Management System (IMS) service provider in Dubai, UAE.


Who Require This:

Integrated Management System (IMS) is relevant to any organization, regardless of size or sector, looking to integrate two or more of their management systems into one cohesive system with a holistic set of documentation, policies, procedures, and processes. Typically, organizations most receptive to this product will be those who have maturing management systems and who wish to introduce other management systems to their organization with the benefits that those bring.

Why You Need This (IMS Service Provider Dubai):

Ideally, you would have an Integrated Management System (IMS) that addresses all of your objectives at once, like an executive committee meeting. However, it can be difficult to meet the needs of the various management systems operating within a single business.

An Integrated Management System (IMS service provider in Dubai) is relevant to any organization, regardless of its market. Integrating several management systems into a unified system (who share documentation, policies, procedures, and processes) makes sense.

An ideal candidate will have been using one or more management systems and are contemplating the introduction of other systems into the mix.


Benefits of IMS:

  • Reduced costs increase profit margins
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Facilitates injured employees to return to work
  • Reduces the incident frequency and severity rates or lost time
  • Reduces damage to equipment, inventory or product loss, and
  • generation of hazardous waste
  • Increases companies’ regulatory compliance
  • Integrates process quality and safety
  • Improves employee and public relations
  • Better financial performance and optimized cost
  • Time savings
  • Less conflict between systems
  • Improved communication, both internal and external
  • Enhanced business focus
  • Improved staff morale and motivation